HPE 1920-48G - Switch

L3 - Managed - 48 x 10/100/1000 + 4 x Gigabit SFP - desktop, rack-mountable

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Hersteller Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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    • Use local routing to tie multiple workgroups together, whether on different physical segments or on different VLANs
    • Local routing on a switch can boost workgroup performance and offload central router tasks
    • Enhanced security, using 802.1X to enforce network access controls
    • ACL rules can define who has access to what areas of your network at a granular level
    • Greater port capacity and switch performance
    • Fiber connectivity helps bridge long distance upstream connections
    • Simple-to-use Web interface allows you to customize your network operations
    • High-quality for peace of mind about the network installation

    The HP 1920 Switch Series are advanced smart-managed fixed configuration Gigabit switches. The 1920 is designed to help small organizations keep pace with today's bandwidth-demanding applications, while offering simplicity of configuration, deployment, and management. This series is ideal for environments that require key advanced features for more granular control of the network in an easy-to-manage solution.

    The HP 1920 Series contains advanced Web-managed Gigabit switches ideal for organizations looking for cost effective and reliable switches capable of advanced network functionality. These smart Web-managed switches deliver key features for environments not requiring centralized administration.

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