Elo 4343L - LED monitor

Full HD (1080p) - 43"

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Hersteller Elo Touch Solutions
Artikelnummer E220574
FlexIt SKU 2359134N1
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  • Ausführliche Informationen
    • Full HD for crisp image and text detail
    • Bright, high contrast display with a wide viewing angle that easily attracts and holds the user's attention
    • Integrated power supply for use in slim enclosures
    • Energy efficient
    • Easily integrated
    • Touch ready
    • Commercial-grade

    The Elo 4343L 42.5-inch full HD open frame touchscreen delivers a professional-grade large format display at 2.6 inches (66 mm) thin. Available with Elo's industry-leading TouchPro Pro-M (Mesh) Projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen with touch-through glass, the 4343L offers with up to 12 touches recognized simultaneously with a consistently fast, accurate and drift-free touch response. The sleek, edge-to-edge glass architecture makes the surface easy to clean with no edges to trap dirt or grease and with the touchscreen sealed against dirt and dust, integration into an enclosure is simple. Instantly grabbing and holding users' attention, the large format open frames are ideal for public venue self-service kiosks and built-in application installs for retail, hotels, gaming, transportation and other commercial uses.

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